Nautilus Fitness Center - Alton IL
Nautilus Fitness Center - Alton IL

"The Area's Finest Fitness Facility"

Nautilus Fitness Center - Alton IL

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Mon Open 4am
Tues-Th 24 Hours
Fri. Closes at 9pm
Sat 6am-8pm
Sun. 8am-6pm


Cardio Room A
The first cardio room you will enter, room A is full of Treadmills, Bicycles and Stair Masters. We just installed 8 new televisions in Cardio A and if you want to listen to a show, bring your headphones and music device to tune into the radio dial! In the corner, you will find the fitness managers station, along with your personal chart for keeping track of your own work out goals and routines. Along the back wall is a room for our personal trainers. They offer a wide variety of workouts as well as body composition analysis. Personal trainers and fitness managers are always available to answer any questions you may have about machines and they can offer you workout advice.

Cardio Room B
Eight new televisions were also recently installed in Cardio B. This room is full of Life Fitness Bicycles, Ellipticals, Treadclimbers, Stair Masters and a brand new versa climber.

Keiser Room:
The Keiser room is full of Keiser machines. These machines are air pressured and adjustable to suit your own personal workout goals. The room offers a complete body workout from Biceps and triceps to chest, abs, calves, quads, back and shoulders. The Keiser room also has 3 Med-X machines and a Keiser Stretch Zone Area.

Nautilus Room:
The Nautilus or 'Red' Room consists of Nitro-Plus machines, ab-benches, and stretch machines. The Nitro-Plus machines feature adjustable weight stacks so the beginners and advanced weightlifters can use the same machinery. We provide a full range of 18+ Nitro-Plus machines and 4 ab-benches.

Stretch Room:
Recently, hardwood floors have been installed in the stretch room. Medicine balls can be found ranging in weights (8-14 lbs.) as well as a stretch station complete with instructions on how to stretch properly. Sportsmith mats are available in the stretch room to do floor exercises on. Resistance balls are also located in the stretch room for your workout pleasure.

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 Nautilus Fitness Center
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